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Exotic Hummingbirds 

From  Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America

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Red-billed Streamertail

Hummingbirds occur only in the western hemisphere.

There are over 300 species.

Nineteen Species have occurred in the Unites States.  Six have occurred in Canada.  Hummingbirds found only in other countries to the south are considered to be "exotic" on this web site.

Click here to see a complete list of the hummingbirds of the world (from Wikipedia)

Violet Saberwing

Here are the approximate number of hummingbird species that occur in a few countries:

Ecuador: 163

Brazil: 84

Colombia: 135

Mexico: 50

Peru: 100

Argentina: 24

Venezuela: 97

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Here are some names of exotic hummingbirds:

Sunangels, Metaltails, Thornbills, Pufflegs, Brilliants, Lancebills, Violetears, Mangos, Sabrewings, Starfrontlets, Coquettes, Woodstars, Emeralds, Saphires, Woodnymphs, Goldenthroats, Plumeleteers, Jacobins, Jewelfronts, Racket-tails, Helemtcrests, Trainbearers, Fairies, Sylphs, Hermits, Barbthroats.

Pictures without bylines on this page are adapted from paintings by the English ornithologist, John Gould, who died in 1881. Photos are by Mark Smith.


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